Saturday, November 13, 2010

New England Convention

So I guess I should say a few words about the convention. My weekend started on the speedy side! I was able to get a leave pass for the weekend leaving both the missus and the Kids at home. This gave me a chance to get the Cooper S out and give it a good run. Dorrigo mountain proved to be great fun until I got hit with the lights, as a result of roadworks, half way up . The car went like a rocket the whole weekend.

 I arrived about 3pm. Ian and Andrew had Bowen Creek setup at this stage and looking good too. I registered in and proceeded to lay out a few items I had for show and tell. One of these was the etches for both our Turret Tender project and LWW well wagon. These had literally turned up on the Friday before I left, just in time. They look good too. The well wagon is pretty much complete. We just need to negotiate the bogie's and wheels and we should have them available. The turret tender needs all the casting details done along with its bogie's. Hope to have them ready soon. I also had a 100 Ton SL heavy load wagon. My offsider Andrew lee had this 3D printed. We are negotiating having this cast in Urethane and hope to have it available as well. I am going to start an email list for those who are interested in them. If you want to be added to the list send me an email. Otherwise I will no doubt keep you all posted here as well.
This is the second sample of etches for the Turret Tender.

And the LWW Well Wagon.
 It was great to catch up with all you fellow Blogger's. What a great bunch of guys. Andrew was right, We all must have stood in front of Bowen Creek every chance we could, even when the trains weren't running. Its a credit to both Ian and Andrew. My 19 class found its way along the Bowen Creek tracks as well. Looked right at home too. There was an issue with the Flange ways but. It did not go down well when I suggested they were out of gauge! Ha Ha Ha! There were however many a 'click' from the cameras when the steam came to town!

Some of the better shots from my camera......

One such steamer that also made its way through Bowen creek was this 36. Built by Steve McElroy of Kyogle, his super detailed DJH 36 was fantastic. Most impressive was the lubricator pipework. Very nice. Dam these guys who keep lifting the bar for us.

The late Rodney James Exeter Bank modules were a great hit too. I remember seeing these in Rodney's shed in Grafton when they were being built. Rodney was truly a very talented modeller and great guy too. Great to see them out of the trailer again. I hope Warren exhibits it again.
The dinner Sat night was superb. Especially the desert.....Though Peter Boorman and myself were in the shit for having two servings of Chocolate cake and Cheese cake. Well Worth it but. As Andrew mentioned in His report, Exhibition organisers have a lot to learn. I probably see more than Andrew with our Coffs Harbour Layout. The organisation from the New England Club has always impressed me. I have been to several of there shows and conventions both as an exhibitor and outsider and without a doubt they are the best. Well done again.
Both Rhett Herbert and Len Durkin done a couple side show alley modelling Demos most of the day. Rhett's modified sheep vans were very nice. The sides were cut down and glued Camco GSV's and the rest from the bergs BSV. He also added brake detailing to the underside. Len kindly offered to build up some Fastracks points for me using my NSWGR no.7 Jig. He done a great job. Nice work.
Along with Rhett and Len, Laurie McLean had small demo of sounds and Animations for Model railways. Laurie Seems to come up with unusual tricks all the time. His ON30 Loco had it all. Lights, sounds and even a fireman that shovels coal. What a character too!
Gerry (the gooroo) Hopkins was there with his decoder pro. Simply an expert with decoder pro. Along side was Dean Bradly with his Heavy handed weathering. He was happy to hand out his secrets for his beautiful weathering. His clinic was very informative too.

That's all. Someone else can fill in the gaps. Should have another update for the past weeks modelling soon.

C U All.


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