Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fastracks Jig. NSWGR No.6 Code 55

Hi All,
I spoke to Warren from Gwydir Valley Models at the Thornleigh show about seeing if we can have made a Fastracks Jig for a code 55 No.6 with NSWGR cantered sleeper profiles. He thinks that to make it viable he would need to have orders for about 8 of the Jigs. I bought from Warren a No.7 NSWGR jig in code 70 for my mainline and at the time was prepared to hand build all my branch points. This would save a lot of work if a jig was available. I am also going to look into making a detailed frog casting through AndIan models that could be slotted into the points once built. The jigs would be in the NMRA standard profile. So my question is, how many of you would be interested in buying a jig? You could get together with a few friends and share it around. I am unsure at this stage of the pricing but would be similar to the Code 70 jig @ $300. Post a comment if you are interested and I will pass on the interest to Warren. I have two on the list already.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Wrapping up a few things

OK, so as usual I have not posted for a while and the usual excuses......Been to busy, and being a one finger typer, just could not have been bothered. Thought it was about time my finger was given a workout on the keyboard and let you all know what I have been up to. Will try and wrap up a few of the projects I have been working on and fill you in on anything new.

The 57 is now finished. I had a few issues getting the chuff right and also getting a decent sound out of it. At first I used a standard Tsunami K class and a modified soundtraxx cam disk to give the six segments for the chuff. I soon found that the K class sound has a distinctive fourth beat to its chuff sound even when a six lobe cam disk is used. Gerry Hopkins filled me in on his secret for getting the chuff right. Below is a diagram of how a 16 lobe soundtraxx cam disk can be modified and coupled with a Logging Tsunami gets the chuff pretty close to the 3 beat 57. The logging decoder sound doesn't seem to have that prominent fourth beat. I am not all that fussed with the whistle but hey, Better than nothing. I managed to get a very 'short' video while at Brisbane of the 57 running, the camera battery went flat!. It doesn't pull much either witch is strange for such a big engine. I have added a large weight to the boiler witch helps but is still not great. My guess its the nickel plated drivging wheels are too slipery. I am really happy with the weathering as well and will be sorry to see it go to the customer.

Unfortunately I have not really touched the Mike McCormack LFX since the last posting. I have managed to finish off the assembly of the underframe witch prety much complets the assembly of No1. LFX. I have also started on the Bogie's of the second. I had planned on having these for Epping but as you read on you will see other things have taken over and the few issues with the 57 slowed it a little as well. Here is a current shot of the LFX. Pretty much ready for paint. Waiting on the screw couplings and buffer springing components and will need to fit window frames after painting.

As I have mentioned in the last posting, AndIan Models will be attending its first show as a trade stand at the upcoming Epping Model Railway Clubs Thornleigh Exhibition over the June long weekend. We are also helping Alan Tarrant with his exhibition layout. Our small stand will be next to the layout so we can help Alan run trains and man the trade stand as well.
 I have been working on completing one of the BLV's using the body and underframe from the test shot castings. I had this at the Brissy show to show off and was well received. The below shot shows the unpainted and painted sample. It was assembled with no decals and the roof brackets were made with flat brass bar rather than the brass etchings that will come with the kit. I have also left off the turnbuckles as I did not have these at this stage. We now have all the components for 50 wagons that will be available at the show. We have also started the second run as I am sure all 50 will sell at Epping so don't worry if you cant make it to the show. We will take orders after Epping. The price of the BLV's have been set @ $70 each. The brass bogies and wheels makes the kit more expensive than we had hoped but its a really nice model when complete.

I decided to make up a small diorama for the show as well. I made this upo for two reasons, one is so that I could display the AndIan models products, and to act as a nice scene for when I take photos, like the ones above. I made the diorama about 600mm x 400mm approx with a section of handlaid code 55 track down the middle and detailed with the AndIan Models two lever ground frame, roding chairs, compensator's, cranks etc. and one of Gwydir Valleys semaphore signals. All this set around some basic scenery using static grass, much like Bowen Creek. I also decided to try and make both the signal and lever frame work. I ended up getting a 'Bouncer' servo kit form the UK. This makes the signal pause part way through its movement and bounce when at the end of its movement. See video here, and pictures below.

We also received the sample of our water Gin Body that we had 3D printed and only today I got the trial etch for the ladder. I will have this at Epping also. For those of you on the mailing list, keep an eye out for the next bulletin. We are announcing two new projects that will soon be under development.

Lastly, I have now finished off all the small jobs with the house and after a little tidy up is ready for final council inspection, probably after Epping show. This will then mean I can start looking at filling in windows and planning to get started on some bench work. Along with this I am going to need to get back into finishing off getting my much loved Cooper S back on the road. A few months back I had finished rebuilding its Motor and with all that was going on never got around to fitting it back into the car. Looking forward to that.

Hoo roo and see you at Epping.