Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fastracks Jig. NSWGR No.6 Code 55

Hi All,
I spoke to Warren from Gwydir Valley Models at the Thornleigh show about seeing if we can have made a Fastracks Jig for a code 55 No.6 with NSWGR cantered sleeper profiles. He thinks that to make it viable he would need to have orders for about 8 of the Jigs. I bought from Warren a No.7 NSWGR jig in code 70 for my mainline and at the time was prepared to hand build all my branch points. This would save a lot of work if a jig was available. I am also going to look into making a detailed frog casting through AndIan models that could be slotted into the points once built. The jigs would be in the NMRA standard profile. So my question is, how many of you would be interested in buying a jig? You could get together with a few friends and share it around. I am unsure at this stage of the pricing but would be similar to the Code 70 jig @ $300. Post a comment if you are interested and I will pass on the interest to Warren. I have two on the list already.


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  1. Ian, a Branch built from code 55 rail really does get the 'modelling juices' rising. The only reason I've not purchased a fast tracks jig in the past is cost. I've a really tight budget that I can't possibly stretch to $300. If by some amazing freak of nature you are flooded with acceptors and the price comes down, please let me know!

    While I'm at it, thanks, without men like you we wouldn't keep moving things forward in this hobby. Just by asking the right person a question that no one else either hasn't asked yet, or hasn't thought of, good on you Ian.

    Geoff Burns.