Friday, November 18, 2011

Room construction

Over the last couple of weekends I have done a little more to the train room. Once all the wall frames were finished I was able to install the 100mm Purlin Rafters followed by the topspan battens. These are on the exterior part of the room. The fascia and Gutter was then installed on the ends of these rafters.  A little help from friend Graham made life easy for this job.  The rain last Saturday held up the roof install till the following Monday. The roof was screwed down Monday without a problem. Insulation under the roof sheets of course. I also plan to further insulate the roof above the plaster sheeting.

Completed wall frame less roof rafters.
                We had some time free after the roof install so we mocked up some bench work to see what heights I will have for the two levels. This will also help in locating power outlets for the top level. I will have these installed just under the top bench work. The photos below show the bottom level at 1100mm from the ground and top level at 1650mm. I originally had the top level down 50mm at 1600 but found the extra 50mm between levels was worth lifting the top. I also needed to consider a work bench under the lower level. This sort of dictated the lower level height. There will be a 100mm valence for the top level. This then leaves a lower level opening of 450mm. I found this to be pretty good for me as the top level would give an eye level view when standing flat of the ground. I also made up a step at 160mm high that will be in front of each of the yards or were any shunting movements take place. This will also help to stop leaning on the layout as they will be set back far enough to be uncomfortable to lean on the lower level.

Here I am standing on flat ground

Now standing on the 160mm operating step.
This what it should look like for those who don't want to look at me!
 The following weekend we installed the windows and ran the sarking around the outside of the walls. The rain during the last week caused the bricks to be unloaded next door at father in laws. They could not forklift them across the wet lawn. We spend the remainder of the day wheelbarrowing all 2500 bricks across the back yard next to the walls. If the rain holds out the brickies will start first thing Monday.

Windows Installed. You can see the rafters and battens in this shot as well.

Bricks ready for laying.

You can see the entry door under the veranda and at the base of the stairs.

That’s all for now

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