Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project 57

Just a short post here. An update on the 57. Going great gunns. Actually I've been charging along so well I have not even taken any progress pics. I have now all the body complete and married up to the chassis. I have tested the chassis with DC power and is running very well. I will take it to a mates for Running in before I strip it down and do the decoder install.
During construction I have allowed for working front and rear markers using 0.5mm firbre optics and LED's hidden behind the smoke box door. Much easier to install these when you are building the Loco.  I also added a cam chuff disk from soundtraxx whitch I modified. I used a 12 lobe cam disk and filed away 6 of the lobes leaving 6 chuff lobes. Should sound pretty close to a 57. I will use the good old D&RGW K class decoder mounted in the coal turret of the tender allowing me to make a huge speaker box with 28mm High bass speaker.
So, now that the 57 is finished and ready for paint and we've had some shitty weather so I cant move forward with this, I decided to move onto another Job. I have put together another one of our LWW well wagons for a customer. It too is ready for paint. See photos below.

Both photos taken on a mates layout.

Thats all till next time.


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