Saturday, January 12, 2013

Get In Before EBay

Hi all,

I have a couple brass models for sale. They belong to a friend. Was not sure if anybody was interested before they go on EBay.

They are: Classic Brass Models JHG Brake van. Brand New, mint condition. Boxed $180.00

Mansfield Hobbies 4-8-4 4-8-4 AD60 Class Garrett. Again, Mint condition, basically brand new. I have tested the loco. As expeded runs perfectly. Very nice model indeed. It did need a light oil, though I have only done the axle boxes so as not to get the motion oily for painting. $1800.00. (there is one on EBay for $2300..........!)
Both the above are unpainted. Boxes are in perfect condition. I can supply photos if need be.


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