Sunday, April 10, 2011

AndIan Models LWW Release

Hi all,
Today Andrew Lee and myself put together all the components for our first kit, The NSWGR LWW Well wagon.
According to John Beckhaus’s Railway Freight Wagons book, these wagons were built by Ritchie Brothers and the Railway Workshops between 1909 and 1912. Two survive in the collection of the Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum, and are currently located at Ulong. These wagons were measured and photographed for the purpose of building this model. Like most wagons of this era, a number of modifications have taken place over the life of the wagon. The obvious visual differences are that the wagon originally had hook drawgear, Buffers and spoked wheels. By the end of its service life , and currently in preservation, the buffers have been removed, Auto couplers replace the hook drawgear, and the wheels have been changed to disk wheels. The kit represents the later condition, but it should be fairly easy to backdate the model if required. There were only three of these wagons built.

For those who are new to this blog and have not read my older AndIan Models post, Our LWW kit is constructed of etched brass. The kit comes with all components to complete the kit including Ian Lindsay Models Archbar Bogies with RP25-88 wheels, scale KD whisker couplers, brass wire, decals, instructions etc. These kits are intended for those with some experience of assembling this type of kit. There are a number of steps that are quite fiddly, and will seem to be a bit daunting to a newcomer to this type of construction. The best advise is to ask for help - if you belong to a model railway club, there is bound to be a member who can assist you. Doing the job yourself, with the appropriate advise and assistance, is the best way to acquire new skills, and create confidence to go tackle other projects of the same or greater difficulty.

At this stage the kits can only be purchased direct from AndIan Models by sending your details with your required quantity to PO Box 104, Bellingen, NSW 2454. Payment can be made by cheque, money order or by direct deposit (details emailed upon request). You best email me first if you want one!

Alternatively you can purchase them from our EBay store . This allows payment from a credit card using PayPal.

The kits are $80 each including regular postage to anywhere in Australia. We have only 50 of these kits available. A second run may be done depending on demand and after the first run has been exhausted.
I have again added a couple photos of the pilot model and contents of the kit.
We have also started and email address list for updates on our future models. If you wish to be added to the list or for technical reasons you did not receive the latest email, email your details to

Photo taken from Ron Prestons 'Day Of The Goods Train' book.

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  1. Very nice Ian. An order has been placed.

  2. Have just received my LWW's in the mail, very pleased with the quality of the etches.

  3. Please rerun if none left. I emailled earlier but if price is still similar, will take a pair.....


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