Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well Wagons.......Going....Going.....GONE!

Hi All,
Just a bit of an update. After just two days of the well wagon being officially on the market, We have SOLD OUT. All fifty are gone. We just could not believe it. We have already put in place the ordering process for a second set of components for the 2nd run of the Well wagon. Those who missed out, don't worry we will have more stock shortly. You can email us and set one aside so you don't miss out. Again if you did not recieve the email update and are wanting to be added to the list, email me so I can add you in. mailto:andian.models@gmail.com%20.
Those who were lucky enough to get one this time around, you will see them shortly. Hope you enjoy the challenge of putting one together.
We will keep you posted.


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